Functional diagnostics system PULS-AS

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Partial package – the customer receives the sensor in a branded (with logo) box, a USB storage medium containing: diagnostic system software, installation instructions on the customer’s computer and the system user manual (electronic version).
Complete package – the customer receives a branded bag (with a logo) containing a sensor in a branded box, a computer with installed diagnostic system software and a system user manual (electronic version).
Training – 8 hours are included in the product price. The practical training on how to use the diagnostic system.

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sensor with tensometer, sensor without tensometer

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Purpose. The functional diagnostics system PULS-AS is designed to register, mathematically process the acoustic signals, emitted by the radial artery wall fluctuations, analyze them and present the results in graphs, charts and tables. This system has: a new type of pulse wave sensor with automatic pressure level estimation; developed mathematical apparatus for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of measurements; developed methodology for interpreting the pulsographic characteristics of radial artery sphygmograms. These new features of the diagnostic device make it unique, without analogues on the market and allow to significantly expand the circle of users. By collecting, storing and analyzing radial artery pulse information, the degree of correlation of these data with data of other medical diagnostic tests can be objectively determined.

Possibilities. The functional diagnostic system PULS-AS provides an opportunity to objectively evaluate: the body’s individual response to the course of chronic processes, the body’s adaptations to drugs, the body’s adaptation to physical exertion, the body’s reaction to changes in the daily routine and nutrition, the body’s response to spa sanatorium treatment and recreational effects. It also makes it possible to follow the fluctuations and condition of healthy body processes before the onset of the disease, to objectify subclinical conditions.


  • family doctors – for the evaluation of the patient’s subclinical conditions, the course of chronic diseases and the recording of the individualized response of the body to the therapeutic effect in the practice of the family doctor;
  • rehabilitologists and specialists in resort-recreational rest programs – for the objectification of the effect of rehabilitation treatment on the body or the effect of resort-recreational rest programs on the body;
  • physiotherapists – for choosing the duration and complexity of static and dynamic physical exercises, taking into account the data obtained about the reaction of the human body to these loads in the work of a physiotherapist.

Also, this diagnostic system can be widely used in the army, making it possible to individually and systematically evaluate the parameters of the soldiers’ body changes and the dynamics of their physical condition.


Manual of computerized pulse diagnostics in pdf format.