Functional diagnostics system PULS-AS SPORT

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Partial package – the customer receives the sensor in a branded (with logo) box, a USB storage medium containing: diagnostic system software, installation instructions on the customer’s computer and the system user manual (electronic version).
Complete package – the customer receives a branded bag (with a logo) containing a sensor in a branded box, a computer with installed diagnostic system software and a system user manual (electronic version).
Training – 8 hours are included in the product price. The practical training on how to use the diagnostic system.

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Purpose. When training with the most effective training methods, the changes taking place in the body balance at the limit of damage, beyond which pathological processes begin. An athlete’s reaction to physical exertion is very individual, therefore monitoring the functional condition of athletes is very important for the safe and effective management of the training process. Practical medical experience and scientific research of recent years testify that the information contained in the pulse wave reflects changes in the condition of athletes and allows predicting early pathological and pre-pathological states.

The functional diagnostic system PULS-AS SPORT is a system for evaluating the functional condition of athletes using pulse wave parameters, created on the basis of the functional diagnostic system PULS-AS. The system consists of equipment – a multi-channel wireless pulse sensor, adapted for sports diagnostic and medical purposes, and four software modules designed to individually assess the safety and efficiency of the user’s physical exertion.

Modules for evaluation of the athlete’s functional condition.

The first module is designed to assess adaptation to various types of physical exertion, and allows you to decide whether the training exercises are effective and safe for an individual. Overtraining is one of the most common negative consequences of training at the wrong intensity.

The second module is designed to recognize the marginal use of the body’s reserve capabilities in the mesocycle of training, and allows to recognize the threatening states of overtraining and overwork.

The third module is designed to optimize the training process under changed conditions. External conditions (climatic conditions, sudden change of geographical time zone, etc.) significantly affect the functional state of the athlete, so the parameters of physical exertion must be adjusted according to the individual response of the body. Adaptation can be accelerated with the help of properly planned training, and on the contrary, inadequate loads slow down adaptation processes.

The fourth module is designed to identify threats to the athlete health. The health and functional status of those who do sports are much higher, inadequate physical exertion can seriously harm health, in these situations it is very important to send the user to a sports doctor for consultation as soon as possible.

Possibilities. The functional diagnostic system PULS-AS SPORT enables the sportsman or the specialist who supervises him to quickly and easily assess the state of the body, and monitor how the body reacted to the load, changes in lifestyle, climatic or geographical conditions, allows to recognize pre-pathological conditions at an early stage and refer the athlete to the doctor.

Manual of computerized pulse diagnostics in pdf format.