Computer pulse diagnostics

The method of computerized pulse diagnosis (CPD) is based on the evaluation of the characteristics of pulse waves recorded in the radial arteries in the wrist region at three points. The method considers the peripheral pulse as the sum of many oscillations and wave processes occurring not only in the cardiovascular system, but also in all other body systems. Therefore, the goal of the method is to assess the functional state of all major body systems.

The evaluation of pulse waves (pulsograms) is based on the modern interpretation of the traditional Chinese concept of organs and their functions. “Organ” in traditional Chinese medicine is a functional system consisting of an organ of the same name, a complex of tissues corresponding to it, and a set of physiological and psycho-intellectual functions. Due to this approach, it became possible to analyze the mutual interaction of the body’s physiological systems and the characteristics of the patient’s psycho-emotional state in parallel. This makes computer pulse diagnostics a unique instrumental method of objectifying the patient’s psycho-emotional state and allows expanding its scope to psychosomatic medicine.

  • The unique possibility provided by the method to assess the adequacy of the body’s physiological response and psycho-emotional tension to the functional load makes this method extremely valuable:
  • obtaining an integral assessment of a person’s physical and psychological health status, his functional reserves;
  • determining conditions close to the impairment of the body’s adaptive abilities;
  • identifying specific body systems experiencing functional overload, performing one or another type of activity;
  • revealing the relationship between the dominant model of the patient’s psychological reaction to various loads and his physiological dysfunctions and diseases;
  • assessing the risk of contracting certain diseases;
  • performing health status monitoring;
  • choosing the most suitable health restoration (rehabilitation) activities.

Due to these listed features, the computerized pulse diagnosis method is successfully applied in assessing the health status of not only sick patients, but also clinically healthy individuals. The method can be applied as:

  • the method of functional diagnostics of the state of the organism;
  • method of general assessment of a person’s health and psychological state.

The fields of application of functional pulse diagnostics can be diverse. Depending on the purpose of the study, different diagnostic information can be obtained.

The main application areas of functional pulse diagnostics are:

  • Preventive tests, health monitoring:
    Diagnostics of “healthy people”, including research and sports medicine (Adaptive and functional reserves, resilience, health prognosis, objectification of psychological diagnostics)
    Detection of possible diseases before the clinical stage (Identifying systems that function under stress and deplete adaptive reserves)
    Study of large contingents (Determining the type of response of the human body to external factors (preventive, ecological, climatic, sanatorium-resort treatment, production, etc.))
  • Diagnostic tests (for sick patients):
    Diagnostic tests of patients with a certain pathology (Determining the state of adaptive mechanisms – compensation/adaptation, features of intersystemic interactions)
    Diagnosis of complex cases (Clarification of mechanisms of pathogenesis, determining the state of adaptive systems, additional data for differential diagnosis)
    Combined diseases (Determination of the main chain of pathogenesis, determination of causal relationships in the formation of combined pathology)


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