For wholesale customers:

Products prices for wholesale customers.

a) purchase quantity 2 – 5 units, discount – 5%;
b) purchase quantity 6 – 10 units, discount – 10%;
c) quantity purchased over 10 units, discount – by separate agreement.

Services and prices for wholesale customers.

Studies of patient groups. Determination of the organism’s response to the effects of external factors (preventive, ecological, climatic, sanatorium-resort treatment, production, etc.):

a) quantity of examined patients 2 – 5 units, discount – 10%;
b) the number of examined patients is 6 – 10 units, discount – 20%;
c) number of examined patients over 10 units, discount – by separate agreement.

Discounts are applied automatically after selecting the appropriate amount of patients being tested for products or services in the store. If the desired quantity exceeds 10 units, please contact us by filling out this contact form for a larger discount.

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