How to buy?

Choose the item you like in our online store. Then click the Add to Cart button on the product page. If you want to choose something else, you can continue browsing the email. Store – The selected product will remain in the cart memory. Do the above step with all selected items.

Next, click on the shopping cart symbol on the top right side of the screen. On this page, you can view the list of selected products and adjust the order (increase the quantity of selected products or refuse some). You will also need to choose a shipping method.

Buyer details. Next, we will ask you to enter the details of the Buyer. Here, you will need to fill in your data, without which we could not deliver the goods to you. If you want to make a surprise for a friend or buy goods on behalf of the company, you will also be given such an opportunity on this page.

Next, choose a payment method. After selecting the required form, confirm the order, and you will be directed to pay to the bank’s secure server.