About us

The company was founded in 2011. Main activities carried out:

Research and applied activities. The direction of applied research, experimental development and innovation carried out by the company is “Health technologies and biotechnology”, the topic is “Advanced medical engineering for early diagnosis and treatment”. The company creates and develops new holistic diagnostic and treatment methods, develops technologies and software tools for processing recorded medical images and signals – for calculating the quantitative parameters of images, signals related to organ functions, and for identifying early pathological changes. The company has been carrying out this activity practically since its establishment in 2011. It is a very important part of the company’s operations, which helps the company to develop new products and services and generate income from it by commercializing these products. In carrying out R&D activities, the company cooperates with Lithuanian universities – Vilnius University, Klaipėda University, Lithuanian Sports University, as well as the Latvian Holistiskas Medicinas un Naturopathias Asociacija. Medical scientific research is carried out together with private medical clinics in Lithuania and Latvia.

The company is a mature innovator according to the criteria applied by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania. The company has won four tenders to receive support from EU funds. For the creation and development of new products and services in 2017-2020, the company has received over 500 thousand from EU funds. EUR support and invested over 200 thousand. EUR of own funds.

Commercial activity. The company manufactures and sells PULS-AS computer pulse diagnostic devices. These devices are intended for performing functional diagnostics of the human body. Devices are sold not only in Lithuania, but also in other EU countries. Currently, the company has sales representatives in Latvia, Belgium, Holland and Romania. The company also provides computerized pulse diagnosis services.